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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Classy Colours

Happy Colours

Et voila..... The Trocadero! A hand painted splatter top with 3 different skirts and optional shoulder sleeves (thanks to M&M).

I have made a series of "classy" and "happy" colours.
One of the dresses is priced down.

Hair: ETD
Skin: Redgrave
Shape: Alady
Picture: Laurens Vesta

My RL and SL life are in total upheaval at the moment as my now ex RL/SL partner did exactly what he always sneered at: " he took Second Life too serious". I have no idea if I will lose all inspiration or will work as a madwoman...

Sascha Frangilli

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learn chinese online said...

wow, i like the yellow one.