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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


This dress has been sitting since early December in my pc, waiting to be finished. Yay, finally did it. I am telling you, I can't see another snowflake for the rest of this year! ;-)

As the chance of us getting a White Christmas in Holland, is about 0,0001%, I decided to make a gown where you can feel like a snowflake. LOL. So I present to you the Antartica.

The top consists of only snowflakes, with a fur stola. Again, 3 different types of flexi skirts with an overlay skirt of only snowflakes.

1. The Sleek skirt with Overlay sleek skirt.
2. The Fluffy skirt with Overlay fluffy skirt.
3. The Battleship skirt with Overlay fluffy skirt.

I only made 2 different colours this time. Virgin Snowflakes and Pollution Snowflakes.... :-)

Price: 400 L

X Sascha Frangilli

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The dress is beautiful (in an adult setting of course lol) On another note, I wouldn't complain to look like you animated model there at least chest wise lol