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Friday, October 10, 2008


Hmm, we all bought once in our second life a dress or another piece of clothing, which we regret so much that we rather stay offline then been seen in it in Second Life. Yes, it is there in the hidden folder in your inventory named “My mistakes in SL”.

We try to forget it, we really do until a notice appears, in which Sascha invites us all to come to Mikey’s to show your ugliest dress ever in the format of a contest. You are in doubt, and think: shall I wear it? Do I want to be seen in this hideous outfit?

I pursued a girlfriend to participate in the contest …. yes, she is new in SL and has a lot of that newbie stuff, which we all have and do not need after awhile and forget to delete. She reminded me of my freebie-nice-to-have-time.

We arrived together at Mikey’s and the place was filled with laughter. Some of us were still in doubt … do I dare to show my ugliest dress? The contest started – not naming the creators of the dresses – we all were crying … some of laughter, some of shame.

Eventually, the contest came to an end and the four winners had to pose together. Being ranked as “The Bag”, “The Tornado Bird” and “The Bag of Hay” we all agreed these are really ugly dresses.

I would like to thank all contestants and in particular Saorsa MacMoragh, SkyAngel Janus, Esperanza Katscher and Gloriana Congrejo as they needed to pose for more then 15 minutes, so we could stare in amazement at their uglyness.

Well thanks for reading my blog entry and hope to see you next time at Mikey’s

Gr Laurens Rau


Gloriana Congrejo said...

Sadly yes, The Tornado Bird was in my inventory as a freebie and was headed for deletion, when Sascha's all call for Ugly was heard! I would like to thank all those who suffered thru probably one of the worst fashion faux pas ever! And Laurens for a delightfully humorous article!


SkyAngel said...

To was a drag out...the Ugliest thing in my Inventory...would be a Lie...a Big lie!

But to say.. we all had a Blast..would be the Living Truth! I don't know when we all laughed so much..and the Comments Sascha had to make...were priceless!

She has a way with words...that makes you laugh even more! Trust me..she never 'sugar-coated' her comments on our clothes...some of which are Unprintable here! LOL

Considering that All of us..have exquiste creations from Sascha,in our inventory, it was a dreadful thing to have to go into her Illustious presence...dressed, looking like Pure Crap!

My sincere apologies to her for assaulting her talented eyes with our...Ugliness!!!!!

FORGIVE US OUR SINS.....and keep making your marvelous creations, are a Treasure in SL. we All Love you Dearly!

Kus SkyAngel One of the Winners! :)

Anonymous said...

I might be persecuted for saying this, but I don't think the feathered one is *that* ugly. At least from what I can see from it. If it wasn't for all the feathers, it might actually be rather pretty. It sort of looks like something from The Old West and I love periodical pieces.