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Friday, October 10, 2008

Crimson Shadow Killer Fashion

Well, I must admit I nearly fell off my chair behind the pc when I got the invite from Lokum Shilova to participate in this event. Me...? Me...! I think I am the least known person on this whole list. Hahaha.

My first thought was OMG, how the f*** am I going to do this. Even though I am an Eighties chick and I was (am) totally into new-wave music, I somehow have evolved a bit (ok, just a bit) and you know that my gowns are not quite the Gothic stuff you see around on the SL scene.

However.... I felt it would be a great opportunity to try and make a different gown than usual. So for the last few days, I have been trying out several things, add this, delete that, zoom in, swear here, smoke another cigarette and slamming the pc for being so slow....
I still need to finish the back of the dress, add a few things, perhaps change the texture of the flexi skirt etc. etc.


Sascha Frangilli

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SySy Chapman said...

WOOT congrats Sas! I'm sure you'll come up with something stunning as always ;) they dont'ask you for nothing! :D I'm happy for you!