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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Crimson Shadow Invitation

Here is the invitation for the Crimson Shadow Fashion show for which I have been invited for to make a special gown for this sim.

As I am sometimes a bit blond, it took me awhile to understand this.... (God, I hate to admit that my braincells seem to be blondish!). ;-)

However... the Preview Party is on October 18th from 2 - 4 PM with 2 DJ's playing (Nephie & Azurf3) and the Fashion Show is on October 19th at 2 PM. I will blog about the gown this week; "DIVANATION".
I have also had to write a biography for the Rezzable blog. Funny, you sit behind the pc and think what the hell can I write that would give people a taste of whom I am. Anyway, here is me:

Sascha Frangilli

I came to SL in November 2006 by sheer coincidence. I had never played any online games, but a RL friend told me that if I wanted to see something addictive, I should download Second Life. I laughed and tried his bluff. Oops… it is addictive, very addictive! I am from Holland and quite down to earth, and I do see SL as a fun thing and when people tend to take SL too seriously, lie or have a certain attitude, I fly away from them at 100 km per hour. Get real!

When I entered SL, I also invited my RL partner (MikeyTwo Frangilli) and fairly soon he had made enough money to buy land and set up a ballroom in SL. So I wondered around, bought large amounts of dresses and hair, waved at people and after a few months got a bit bored with that.

Bare with me, I had no experience whatsoever with graphic designs (besides downsizing a picture in Paint), so I bought the “Business in a box - dresses”. Was totally horrified with what I had acquired and started searching for new textures to put on the flexified skirts. This is not what I had in mind….. Then I bought the Looprez from Ged Larsen and my mind went berserk by the realisation of the potential that I could create here.

Early summer 2007 I downloaded Photoshop on my pc and I suddenly realised I had one hell of a serious problem. No graphic background and no person sitting next to me explaining what I should do. Slowly, very slowly…. but surely, I got more experience in Photoshop and it took me nearly 6 months to get a bit of grip on the whole PS thing. Believe me, I swore a lot!

Early 2008 I discovered several applications on PS that made me be able to ‘travel beyond’ to what I had done before. I opened my main store in March 2008 with a small collection of ballroom gowns and within 3 months, I had to upsize twice my land/store; business was growing much quicker than I anticipated!

I must admit that I find a bit hard to mix my RL child, partner and work with my SL work. It is quite demanding to run a SL store, host each week a different designer/fashion show at Mikey’s club, be sociable and to make new dresses as well. So I got my friend as a manager (Sapphire Teabrook) and a photographer (Laurent Vesta) who both help me in so many ways.

I am a normal person in RL; I like the occasional glass of red wine or Jupiler beer - LOL, I like fashion but am not an ultra fashionable chick that follows all the latest fashion (though I love high leather boots). I prefer to buy clothes that can last me a few years and I have put this preference into my SL gowns too. You can still wear my gowns in a couple of years (so to speak, unless LL comes up with a complete new building tool) as they are timeless and not made after the latest fashion quirk.

X Sascha Frangilli

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to see the face of the artist of such beautiful fashions! Keep up the good work!

Darcie55 Kraus