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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Divanation @ Crimson Shawdow

Until November 9th the Divanation can only be purchased at the Crimson Shadow Sim, after that date in my mainstore.

Laurens Rau has been so kind as make a description of the dress, as I totally suck at doing this. I am like: "yeah nice dress and an ehuu.... detailed top".... LOL.

Laurens Rau:
“Divanation”, Sascha’s latest creation is the dress you always wanted to have to impress. As the acronym already reveals, the dress is a perfect balance between divine sophistication and Sascha’s wish to create a neo-victorian gown to the highest fashion standards.

So lets take closer look at Divanation: the creation is all focused around a beautiful bodice with a sweetheart neckline. The embellished bodice radiates the right harmony between day and night. To make it even more desirable it will come in range of supporting main colours dominated by Midnight, Gold and Ruby. The bodice comes complete with a sensationally black ruched collar and an arm sleeve

Apt for the occasion, you can choose out from three skirt types: Battleship, normal and sleek. All skirts comprise of a base layer made of elegant fabric with a refine stripping and a top layer of a subtle mazz-like fabric named Saschani ™ :-). The piece de resistance is the ballroom gown version is which is based on a ballerina shape skirt and is completely made of Saschani ™.

As a bonus feature to the whole Divanational experience, Sascha has surprised us with the creation of a matching hat, which simply cannot be ignored.

All pictures have been made by the wonderful LAURENT VESTA of LV Photography.

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