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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Unusual Fashion / Furniture Show.....

Re-Opening Design & Living

Re-Opening Design & Living
Unusual Furniture/Fashion show!!!

Today you have the chance to see something unique, something that has never done before in Second Life.
Design & Living and Sascha’s Designs have put their heads together and came up with a wonderful idea.

MissSherlock Hofmann (Design & Living’s owner) was surprised when Sascha Frangilli (Sascha’s Designs owner) came up with this unique, fun and lovely silly idea.
What is the idea??? Well, this is a fashion/furniture show, models wearing Sascha’s Designs newest released gowns and dragging at the same time Design & Living furniture behind them. ;-)

In the beginning it was only fun ... but now it is serious. This is looking good!
For this show Design & Living have built a Catwalk on the roof of the store.
The evening starts at 12 PM with a Dutch piano player JooZz and at 1 PM the show starts. After the show, DJ Tom Bender will play some music and we are going have a party.

Join us for this unique event and be a witness of something that has really never done before.

Tp today at 12 - 1 PM to:


MissSherlock Hofmann & Sascha Frangilli

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