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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pudding

Picture by DaisyLynn Morales (Strawberry and Granate Pudding)

Picture by Connie Arida (Peach Pudding)

I seem to be going a bit overboard with the amount of flexi skirts. With The Pudding I have added:

* Swooshy flexi skirt
* Thin Sleek flexi skirt
* Big Sucker flexi skirt
* Mini flexi skirt
* 2 sculpty mini skirts
* Shawl (Chest and Spine attacment)
* Bolero Collar (Chest and Spine attachment)
* Bolero jacket
* Top
* Long and mini skirt
* long and mini pants

Price: 550 L

And now on a personal note:
I had my eyes lasered 2 weeks ago (oh Vanity... oh Vanity...) and though especially my pc screen is still blurry, every day I notice a small improvement in my eyesight. My indepth sight is not yet up to parr, but at least I can now finally see the world without my contact lenses or glasses. I had to wear the most godawful goggles at night to protect my eyes from myself (i.e. unconscious eye rubbing). I was scary enough to make any man run away very fast. Lol, guess it is handy to be single or else I would have been after that horrendous goggle week.... ;-)

x Sascha Frangilli

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