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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tante Truus - Contest

We have a new contest!!!!!

I need YOU to make the picture of the TANTE TRUUS dresses at my store. This picture will be used on the acual selling vendor! :-)
The contest is running from Wednesday 22 October til Wednesday 5 November. The winners will be announced on 12 November.

I have placed all 11 dresses in the boxes with the actual colours (Pink, Beige, White, Purple, Blue, Black, Fuchsia, Turqoise, Champagne, Lime and Red). I need a vendor for all colours!!! ;-0 I have made a demo dress, so you can see what the dress looks like on you.

Tante Truus:
Price: 400 L
Fatpack: 2000 L

Be as creative as you want, but remember, a vendor must show all the possible flexi skirts and a possible close-up of the top. I will add in later myself the name of the dress and name of photographer. You can take the pictures anywhere in SL, fiddle in Photoshop or use the provided backdrops at the square in my main store.

If your vendor is picked out, you will receive 2000 L and 2 choices of any of my dresses*.
(* = excl. wedding dresses) and your picture will be on the actual vendor is my store.

Once you have given me your full permission photo (modify, copy and tranfer) for the vendor (1 per contestant), I will put them up on the 2nd floor of my main store, to show. All photo's will be shown. Please submit photo as: Photocontest Tante Truus - and your name.

By entering you agree to give us the rights to your photo and to have your picture posted at our blog as well as the store.

Sascha's decision will be final and no communication in this matter will be entertained.

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