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Sunday, March 04, 2018

SASCHA'S DESIGNS - Andi White Gown (Maitreya & Omega Appliers)

Fairy tales still exist at Sascha's Designs. Feast your eyes on this scrumptious creation in all white. Satin and lace cross bodice with a choice of skirts allows your personal style shine.

Included are an over-skirt of embroidered voile, the more classic white tulle design, or a flouncy cocktail skirt.

* Top (Maitreya & Omega Applier)
* Pants (Maitreya & Omega Applier)
* Cocktail Pants (Maitreya & Omega Applier)
* Flippy Pants (Maitreya & Omega Applier)
* Gloves (Maitreya & Omega Applier)

* Flippy Flexi Skirt
* Fluffer Flexi Skirt
* 3 Low Flexi Flexi Skirts
* Cocktail Flexi Skirt

Click here for the Andi White Gown @ Sascha's Marketplace

x  Sascha Frangilli

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