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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Marley Gowns

The Marley is a lovely satin gown with glitters for a wonderful evening out dancing. The Marley comes with several skirt options.
* Marley Gown (5 sizes and Alpha Layers) 
* Front Deco
And 4 different sets of skirts to make 4 different looks:
* 2 x Low Flexi Skirts 
* 2 x Splash Flexi Skirts 
* 3 x Mermaid Flexi Skirts 
* 3 x Mini Splash Flexi Skirts

* Marley Gowns at Sascha's Marketplace

* Marley Gowns at Sascha's Mainstore

x  Sascha Frangilli

** For a limited time, if you buy a Marley gown, you will get the Marley Sunset for FREE.  The Marley Sunset is not for sale anywhere in Second Life.

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