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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Jaguar Pearl has left the building... :-(

With a very heavy and sad heart I have to let you know that Jaguar Pearl (Phyllis Ingram in RL) has passed away this Sunday evening after suffering a 3rd stroke within a 2-weeks time span.

Jaguar was not only my dear friend, but she also worked at Sascha's Designs for nearly 6 years and you all know that is in SL time nearly a lifetime...  ;-) Good on her for sticking so long with me.

Jaguar had the best laugh in the world, no one I know laughed like her, a highly unique infectious laugh.  She was a very kind and protective lady once she let you into her innercircle.  She always treated everyone in the store with kindness, patience and a bit of tongue in the cheek and many were greeted by her in her amazing voice.

My Jags - my heart is heavy and I will miss you dearly.

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