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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Sascha's Designs Summer Hunt 2014

The Sascha's Designs Summer Hunt is here.  
10 hunt items at 10 L are hidden somewhere in the the store!

So, first step is - You will be looking for this flower:

These are the items you will be hunting for (in random order):

included in the hunt are 4 different x SAS - Tease Lavender Flexi Skirts


And step two, here are your hints:

No. 1 - You can find me near the RL Sascha

No. 2 - You can find me where Twilight is the best summer moment

No. 3 - You can find me at the boobies of the Luna eclipse

No. 4 - You can find me where the inhabitant of the City of Love is located (otherwise known as the capital city of France)

No. 5 - When you find me, oh what a Joyous moment!

No. 6 - When you find me, you can drink some summer Elixer

* Additional Tease Lavender skirts can be found in hunt items No. 7, 8, 9 and 10

* SAS - Tease Lavender -->   Baroque, Sleek, Grande and Fluffer Flexi Skirts

No. 7 - You can find me on the sign of what every Dutch child learns to ride at age 2-3!  ;-)

No. 8 - I am such a Clever Girl

No. 9 - I am one of the many Audrie stars

No. 10 - You can find me adorned to the Ruler of the Sea (otherwise known as Poseidon)

Enjoy your hunt!

Entrance to Sascha's Designs to start your hunt!

x  Sascha Frangilli

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