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Thursday, December 06, 2012


Here is a dress ranging from Cocktail to Formal  that that you can mix and match, the Paola!

The Paola gown comes with:

* Top (White)
* Long Top (White)
* Short Pants
* Long Pants
* Skirt
* Gloves
* 2 x Sculpty Gloves
* Bow

* 3 x Kneemaid Flexi Skirts
* Cocktail Flexi Skirt
* Rococo Flexi Skirt
* Grande Flexi Skirt
* Poof Flexi Skirt

Price: 349 L

And then in the Tops set, you get 4 different colored tops in Shirt (normal) & Jacket layer (long)

Price: 149 L
Where: LM to the Paola Dress & Tops

x  Sascha Frangilli

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