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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Avi Choice Awards & 5 Year Anniversary Show - Big big night!

I am usually not one to type a lot of words on my blog (unlike Real Life where I do talk a lot), but today was just an evening that I don't think will be topped in a long, long time.

I make my RL income out of Second Life and we all know that the crisis is hitting everyone in the world, including people on Second Life - including me. Tonight has given me a huge boost to enjoy and to embrace Second Life even more.

So though I did win the Avi Choice Awards last year and was nominated again this year, I did not think I would win - there being so many good and innovative designers in Second Life, as well as me being me with my farts and blabbering mouth......
(you know those thoughts; you hope that you will win, but don't dare to hope as to jinx it, so you think if you don't hope, you might win, but that is to hope again etc. etc. - well voila, there is my mind in a nutshell)

Nevertheless..... I did WIN again this year (a huge smile creeps up on my face again while I type this) - Avi Choice Award - Best Designer in Women's Apparel 2012. Truly, I am sooo happy!!!! Thanks to all my loyal customers who have stuck with me for the past 5 years and my great Support Team (Roodvosje, Jaguar, Cassie, Broske, WitchyPoo, Katie, Tawny and Misty) who are always helping out the customers as good as they can.

And tonight was as well my 5 Year Anniversary Fashion Show coordinated by Piper Hanriot and Draakje Dailey whereby the models showed my gowns from 2007 to 2012 (thank you SterlingZen Harbour, Devi Longfall, Lizzie Yazzie, Jasmine Loening, Eleya Kenin, Irina Strazytski, Damatjo Magic, Nyree Soulstar, Ekaterina Tolczyner and Linnda Scofield)

Gowns from 2007 - 2012                                                          Picture by Rabia Baxton

x  big kiss

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Sascha's Designs
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