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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sascha's Designs Halloween Hunt (SHH) 2012

YAY, the Sascha's Halloween Hunt (SHH) 2012 is on!!!!

I have created a gown with 9 pieces, they are hidden throughout the store in a bright orange grinning pumpkin. Each pumpkin will cost 1 L and at the end of the search you can create the following 3 looks: 

In order to find the Pumpkins, you can use the following Clues/Hints:

Clue 1 - You know where reception is? Cool, so do we!

Clue 2 - A Fat Elixer is just what you need

Clue 3 - Don't look up at the freebies

Clue 4 - Hiding amongst the Lego

Clue 5 - keeping abreast of Alyson

Clue 6 - Not sure if marrying a pumpkin is a good idea

Clue 7 - We used to be 60L

Clue 8 - in my Arrogance I forgot where I put this

Clue 9 - I bet you walked right past me!

Entrance to Sascha's Designs

x  Sascha Frangilli

P.s. in some cases it will be handy to use Area Search or the Store Map

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