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Monday, July 09, 2012

Pudding Silver & Mauve

I have released TWO new Pudding Gowns for you, in a shimmery silver color and a deep Mauve color with lots and lots of options to mix and match with to create your own gown.

These 2 new Pudding gowns come with the following options:

* Top
* Gloves
* Pants
* Skirt (to be worn with Swishy and Low Flexi Skirts)

* Ruffled Collar
* Shoulders Deco
* Hat
* Shawl

* Sweeper Flexi Skirt
*  2 x Swishy Flexi Skirts
*  Thin Flexi Skirt
*  Battleship Flexi Skirt
*  2 x Low Flexi Skirts
*  Grande Flexi Skirt
*  Fluffer Flexi Skirt

Where:  LM to the Puddings

x Sascha Frangilli

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