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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Dominique Gown

Are you ready for the Ultimate Ballroom Gown.....?  The Dominique is one hell of a gown, so sexy you can't believe it!  You can wear it as a gown or as a cocktail dress. You'll look drop-dead sexy in it and the guys won't stop drooling.  :-)
One amazingly versatile gown and in deep rich textures that will take your breath away. Come celebrate Chistmas in style in the fantastic and unique - Dominique!

The Dominique comes with the following options:

* Top
* Collar for Top
* Split Pants
* Long Pants
* Short Pants
* String
* Gloves
* Flower Hippy
* Cocktail Grande Flexi Skirt
* Grande Flexi Skirt
* Split Flexi Skirt
* Split Hip Flexi Swirl
* Scrunchy Skirt

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x  Sascha Frangilli

Video review by Xela Woodford:

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