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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pencarrow Gown

I think I went a bit overboard on the amount of colours, lol.

The Pencarrow has a plunging back and a peekaboo front with an optional transparant top if you don't want to show as much cleavage.

The Pencarrow comes with the following 18 options:

* Top (no sleeves)
* Top (long sleeves)
* Transparant Under Top (optional, to make for a less peek-a-boo top)
* Skirt Long
* Pants Long
* Skirt Cocktail
* Pants Cocktail
* Pants Grande

* Bolero
* Bolero Sleeves
* Ruffled Collar
* Collar Round

* Fluffer Flexi Skirt
* Grande Flexi Skirt
* Huge Bum Flexi Train
* 2 x Low Flexi Skirts
* Sleek Flexi Skirt
* Cocktail Flexi Skirt
* Cocktail Grande Flexi Skirt

Price: 625 L
Where:  SLurl to the Pencarrow Gowns

x  Sascha Frangilli

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