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Friday, September 30, 2011

Catherine Tops, Skirt & Belts

I have created a long sleeved stylish top with a corset-like belt over a medium-length gypsy style skirt (phew, that was quite a long sentence, lol).

All items can be combined and mixed.

Catherine Tops

* 2 x Long-sleeved Tops in White & Black
* 4 x Cufflinks in White & Black
* 2 x Collars in White & Black

Price: 199 L

Catherine Skirts

* Pants
* Layered Flexi Skirt
(* Skirt - optional as the full corset belt will only show while wearing the pants)

Price: 99 L

Catherine Corset Belts

* 3 x Corset Belts in Choco, Black and Light Choco.
Price: 99 L

Where:  Taxi to The Catherine Tops, Skirt and belts

x  Sascha Frangilli

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