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Thursday, May 05, 2011

15,000 Members Gown

Amazingly, we did it!

The Sascha's Designs Group is now together with the Inworld and Subscribo members up to a total of 15,000 MEMBERS!!!!!!

In order to celebrate this I have created a special FREE gown for all Sascha's members with a multitude of options and attachments.

I can't believe it, back in 2007 I opened up my first tiny store with horrendous gowns (but I was so proud of them), I evolved, got better and the store got bigger and bigger... ;-)

Lots of things happened in those past years; most of them good, some of them bad and worth forgetting and still my group has grown and grown up to where we are today - at 15,000 members. I am still utterly amazed by it.


Big hugs and I want to thank ALL my members for their support and love they have given me over the past years.

xxx Sascha Frangilli

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