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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

March the date!

Sascha has been hard at work designing wonderful new casual outfits and formal gowns, and now she is ready to show them off! To launch these new releases in style we have created a Fashion Event; also featured will be exciting designs from Vanity Hair, Virtual Impressions and Tip Toe Designs.

When: Sunday March 13th at 1pm & 4pm SLT
Where: Fruit Islands Art Center

The venue for this event is pure magic, and could not be more perfect to highlight the beauty of Sascha's lovely designs...three hexagonal stages gently drifting on the water, a lovely waterfall and lush landscaping (hint: set your viewer to midnight). Arrive early so you can wander the garden and choose an optimal spot to view the event. There will also be Swag Bags for attendees to enjoy.

So set the date...and we will see you there!

Artwork credit: The lovely and amazingly gifted Mecca Merosi

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