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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Especially for Valentine....

Saleya Red

The Saleya comes with the following options:

* Top
* Double Straps
* Skirt Split
* Skirt Full
* Pants Split
* Pants Full

* Split Flexi Skirt
* Sleek Flexi Skirt
* Battleship Flexi Skirt
* Medium Bum Flexi Train with Flexi Fronts
* Grande Flexi Skirt

* Collar
* Bolero

Price: 400 L


Kantar is a set of 4 vests in a different shade of red on shirt and jacket layer.
Price: 150 L
Happy Valentine! I doubt very much that this year again I will have a Valentine's date, so if any man feels inclined to ask me out.... GO FOR IT! ;-))
x Sascha

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