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Saturday, November 27, 2010

60 L weekend - Auburne, Lilyane and Crocadilly

This weekend I have put up THREE casual outfits.
One is a cocktail dress inspired by a dear friend and support member - Auburne.
The other is a warm pants outfit suggested by a Dutch friend Lilyane as snow is heading our way (literally)!
And the third one, well bugger it..... because I just love Black clothes.


* Top
* Glitch Skirt
* Glitch Pants
* 2 x Cuffs
* Cocktail Skirt


* Sweater
* Bottom for on pants
* 3 different Collars
* Pants
* Sleeve cuffs


* Top
* Collar
* Pants
* Belt

Price for all 3 outfits: 60 L

And I have put the ZuZu Black up for sale for only 200 L

x Sascha

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