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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pirouette Gown

Here is the Pirouette, a very classy and simple gown, which due to its simplicity will make this a hit where ever you are.

I have added 6 different frills to it so you can make all these different tops and it ranges from Formal to Cocktail.

* Top
* 6 different Frutsels (jacket layer)
* Straps
* Glitch Long & Cocktail Skirt
* Glitch Long & Cocktail Pants
* Gloves
* Bolero sculpt

* Sleek Flexi skirt
* Medium Bum Flexi Train
* Medium Bum Flexi Fronts x 2
* Battleship Flexi skirt
* Cocktail Tulle Flexi skirt

Price: 550 L

x Sascha Frangilli

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