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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Gown - Pirouette Pink

(Picture by Twisted Lemon)

I've made this gown in an extreme colour Pink in the hope it will draw a bit of attention to the avatar wearing it --> Breast Cancer Awareness.
* Top
* 6 different Top layers
* Straps
* Gloves
* Bolero
* Glitch Skirt - Long and Cocktail
* Glitch Pants - Long and Cocktail
* Cocktail Tulle Flexi skirt
* Sleek Flexi skirt
* Medium Fronts Flexi skirts x 2
* Medium Bum Flexi train
Price: 500 L (50% goes toward Charity)
More Pirouette colours are released, but more about that soon.
x Sascha Frangilli

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