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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fashion Fest - RFL 2010

Tomorrow at the Fashion Fest an one-off gown (Viva la Vida - colour Red) of Sascha's Designs will be auctioned off for the RFL 2010.

The money for this one-off gown will be donated to the American Cancer Society.


I do however, have one big request. Will there be an EUROPEAN RFL held in Second Life as well? I myself am Dutch and I know we have a lot of people suffering in Europe (37% of all SL residents are from Europe) from this horrible disease as well.
My request is only because a maximum of 15% from the Relay for Life in Second Life is given to cancer causes outside of America.

Q: Why should people from other countries donate Lindens to an American cause?

A: Approx. 12-15% of Lindens donated to Relay For Life of Second Life are donated to international causes.

Best regards,

Sascha Frangilli (proud to be Dutch - we made it to the half finals of the World Soccer Cup!)

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