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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tally Hoo

The Tally Hoo comes in:

* White Blouse
* Black Blouse
* Optional collars for the white blouse
* Optional collar for the black blouse
* Ruffles for wrists
* Ruffles for boobies
* Long Jacket
* Short Jacket
* Collar for Jacket
* Long Pants
* Pants for in boots
* Pants with belt
* Skirt
* Short Pants (for under skirt)
* Sculpted Belt (resizable)

** P.S. Shown in the vendor picture but ** NOT INCLUDED** are the Top Hat and Cane (both resizable), these are for sale in a different vendor.

Price: 300 L

The Top Hat & Canes are available in 14 different colours.
Price for Top Hat & Cane: 125 L

Groovebunny Shabaz, creator of Groovegirl Designs hairs, has been so kind as to put the hair pictured in the vendor (Elegant), on sale for 100 L in my store.

The Top Hat & Canes and hair are right next to the vendor of the Tally Hoo.

x Sascha Frangili

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