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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Honey, I am home!

I have just returned from a 5 week holiday/family visit to the other end of the world - Australia.
I had a wonderful time and it was really strange to be in a country where the average temperature is 30C and then to return to the Netherlands which was covered in a thick blanket of snow. Brrrrrr...
I never realised how intense crappy a jetlag could be. I wake up early and around 20.00 hrs I have the feeling I am nearly passing out with being tired. Ridiculous!

My mindset is still on warm weather, so my first thing was to make a casual outfit. More stuff is coming - of course! ;-)

The Aibell comes in:

* Top
* Skirt
* Knee pants (with sculpty cuffs)
* Mini pants
* Babydoll flexi skirt
* Mini flexi skirt
* Cocktail flexi skirt
* Bolero sculpt (not shown in vendor picture)

Price: 249 L
(One of the Aibell's has been priced down for today)


Bax Coen has been so kind enough to put the Bax Boots Blue Suede (featured in the vendor pics) for 50% off in my mall - for a limited amount, be quick. ;-)


x Sascha Frangilli (who is devoutly nurturing her tanlines, haha)

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