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Saturday, October 10, 2009


Picture Trouble Silver by Connie Arida

The Trouble is a dreamy flowery ballroom gown that comes with the following:

* Big Sucker flexi skirt
* Battleship flexi skirt
* Swooshy flexi skirt
* Sleek flexi skirt
* Sleek transparant flexi skirt
* Top
* Skirt
* Pants
* Stola

Price: 400 L
* One gown is priced down temporarily to 200 L.


x Sascha Frangilli

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Anonymous said...

This is a gown to reckon with, people; it's one of those dresses that has captured the attention of a number of writers and photographers, including myself. Besides my own piece at Around the Grid, I've seen Connie Arida (whose picture leads off this article), Grazia Horwitz, and about 2 or 3 others I've run across personally. That kind of notice usually means both a groundswell of interest, and an extremely enchanting gown!