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Monday, August 03, 2009

The Novice

Novice Cognac

Novice Gold

Novice Magnificent Red (by Connie Arida)

Once in awhile when you make a texture and upload it, you get that exciting flutter in your heart. When I made the Novice, I got that flutter.... ;-)

The Novice comes in:

* Battleship flexi skirt
* Swooshy flexi skirt
* Sleek flexi skirt
* Train flexi skirt
* 2 Mini skirt sculpties
* Bodice
* Long and short pants
* Long and short skirt
* Gloves

The combinations with this dress are endless, so to speak.

Price: 500 L
Where: right at the entrance of the mainstore

The Novice Aqua is TODAY (August 13th) on sale for 300 L.

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