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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

EFA - AIWF 2009

Due to the usual large amounts of lag, I did not see any of the show. I even detached my hair, shoes, prims, jewelry to help reduce the lag! So I stood there looking like a complete idiot during the fashion show, hahahhaha.

Anyway, I have created the following dresses and I tried to match the pictures of Jennifer Delano as much as possible. Of course with here and there a few little things that I turned around to my own liking. ;-)

I applaud all designers - Digit Darkes (who has got the funniest partner!), Zaara Kohime (thanks for showing me the pics), SySy Chapman (lekker wijf die crasht!!!) and Neferia Abel (for just being such a sweet person) for making these wonderful dresses and having such a good time during the lag!

x Sascha Frangilli

(p.s. the dresses are for sale in the middle of my store)

1 comment:

Grazia said...

I told Sysy, and Nef, and now I'm telling you too.. your stuff looks better than the RL clothes. Kudos for the SL designers :-)