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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SL vs. RL

I must admit that in RL I have way more freckles (and wrinkles) on my face than in SL, but the hair is nearly an exact copy of RL.

So here you have it.... the SL me and the real me.

x Sascha Frangilli


Mo Miasma said...

absolutley beautiful lady you are:)

Neferia said...

you have my dream hair!Its beautiful.
And you looks sweet and kind

Sascha's Designs said...

The curls are real, but the colour comes from a bottle...


Neferia said...

its the curls I want:)
my hair is sleek(not sure i uses the right word there),my 2 brothers got curls and me and my sister sleek,not fair lol

SySy Chapman said...

heyy Sas..i knew you were pretty already :) GREAT photo...and yes i agree with the hair, i want it tooooo

Anonymous said...

It's great to know one of my favorite designers! You are very pretty! And I love your hair!
Darcie55 Kraus
(my Bridemaids wore one of your goregous designs!)