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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Divanation @ Crimson Shadow

I had no idea someone could be so eloquent as in describing one of my dresses. Well, Nivaya Barbosa did it... and how!

Again, totally flabbergasted by her description and beautiful pictures by SerinaJane Loon. I could NEVER, EVER come up with this.


The above pictures - courtesy of SerinaJane Loon


Nivaya Barbosa said...


Actually, it was a joint effort, Serina did the beautiful pics, and I wrote the text

I'm very very glad you approve, your dresses were a joy to write about! <3

Sascha's Designs said...

LOL, I rectified my huge error!

I bow my head in shame.... ;-)

jmb said...

Sascha absolutely fabulous. Your gowns are wonderful and since I love Crimson Shadow too, designing in their style has produced an absolutely stunning gown.

Plus that is one great hat.

jmb balogh in SL, one of Sascha's big fans and member of the group.

kevin said...

wow, great jobs!