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Friday, May 30, 2008

Just a bit about me

Am a Dutch mommy that works nearly full-time, so finally after my little girl is in bed, I am behind the pc trying to get a hold of all the ideas for dresses that pop in my head. My RL boyfriend is also my SL boyfriend, damn cool btw! ;-)

Sascha & MikeyTwo Frangilli

I really dislike people who think as they are designers, that they can act accordingly. Hell, we all know we are sitting at night behind the pc in our PJ's! So lighten up!

I am also hosting the Fashion Show events at Casablanca, just to name a few of the designers that will and have come;
* Love Fashion (Soraya Shan),
* Simone! (Simone Stern),
* Constanza Volare (the only one who blew up the sim with the amount of visitors, lol),
* Clio Cardiff (Clio Pret-a-porter),
* Amutey DeCuir (Bliss Couture),
* Luriel Jewell.

I am taking off during July 2008, but will start again with weekly Fashion Shows in August. So far I have scheduled the following designers;

* VictoriaV McMillan
* Keth Mommsen (not confirmed yet)
* Eshi Otawara
* Anubis Hanurian
* Kathy Amsterdam
* Agnes Finney
* Forda Fairlane
* Luriel Jewell
* Sonia Jie

I would love to get Nonna Hedges & Nicky Ree as well, however I have contact but no confirmation as of yet!

You can always IM me in SL (Sascha Frangilli) if you think you know of a good designer as well that should be showing her/his designs. The events are free. Again, this is for FUN and not the money.

My main store is to be found in Search under Sascha's Designs (Coco Beach).


Tenshi said...

pfft. Speak for yourself! I know *I* sit around in my Prada and Jimmy Choo's drinking high-end champagne while I hang out online O_o lol :)

Sascha's Designs said...

Show me the Prada's!